The Garden

The Gardens. Lavender fields with curry, rosemary, thyme and pelargonium are planted facing the sea. Roses and perennials in the closed English gardens lay along the Corpo B and in front of the Salon de Café. There is a vegetable garden, a kitchen garden and an orchard at the back of the Corpo B. Next to the Corpo C, there is a Zen garden with a pavilion to rest, work in the shadows, or meditate.

To get to the beach (lovely sand, Long Island style), you will need a boat. It is not too crowded (except in August). One must go down a little stone staircase on the propery, behind the pools and hidden within the trees. The Quinta do Muro’s land goes until the shore of the Laguna. We have one pedal boat, which is easy to manage (even by children) to reach the other side of the Laguna. Arrangements can be made for a fisherman to come and pick up guests who don’t want to pedal.